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In previous posts we have discussed what the WaterMax is and why it is useful, but in today’s post we will go a little deeper. Throughout this blog, you will learn what exactly makes up the Hague Water WaterMax and how it works.

The WaterMax is made up of three compartments that ensure your water is treated properly. The three-compartment system uses less time, less regenerate, and less water than conventional water softeners. Let’s dive in and take a deeper look at what each compartment does.


Compartment 1

The first compartment of the WaterMax is self-cleaning meaning there is no need for maintenance and there will never be the need for a replacement filter. This compartment filters through dirt and sediment, which reduces odor and lessens the chlorine taste one often gets from the water.

WaterMax water softener

Compartment 2

The second compartment of the WaterMax provides carbon filtration that helps compartment 1 in removing chlorine tastes, odors, and organics.

Compartment 3

The third and bottom compartment utilizes high-capacity fine mesh resin. Fine mesh resin is generally smaller and more tightly packed than non-fine mesh resin. This vacuum-packed compartment for maximum treatment of hardness.

Hague Water’s WaterMax essentially does it all. It is a patented, self-cleaning product that provides a whole house water filter and water softener in one unit. This water softener is quiet, efficient, and sustainable. We think so highly of the WaterMax we even allow you to try out the WaterMax for three months before you buy to see firsthand the difference it makes.

Want to learn more? Contact your local Hague Water dealer to learn more about the WaterMax and our trial opportunity. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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