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Water softeners remove excess magnesium ions and calcium using an exchange with sodium or potassium ions. The regeneration process takes places after the exchange, which will flush the system of excessive ions. Although water softeners help increase the life of your water heater, it does take a lot of water for the exchange process. Therefore, it’s important to first determine that you need a water softener.

Here are 4 signs you may need one:

  1. Brittle glassware is one of the signs you’ll more than likely notice first. Hard water can make glassware more prone to breaking.
  2. Dry skin is a sign that you’ll notice that you need a water softener. The excess magnesium and calcium irritates the skin and causes it to dry out.
  3. White clothes are turning yellow and other clothes are fading is a big sign that you need a water softener. Like your skin, the minerals build up on your clothes and causes white clothes to turn yellow and other colors fade.
  4. Your plumbing is always needing to be repaired is another sign that you need a water softener. Copper and PVC pipes do better with hard water and steel pipes have the most difficult time with hard water because of a build-up of limescale.

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