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2014 flew by before our eyes!  Hague Water had a wonderful year and has many great plans for 2015. We thought it would be fun to do a recap of our favorite blogs for the year with a brief summary on what we shared with you. We thoroughly enjoy educating everyone about clean drinking and believe we all should be knowledgeable about the water filtration industry.  If you are concerned about the water in your home, reach out to Hague Water Today! We offer a FREE in-home water test. We are committed to getting you and your family on a path to cleaner water.

January 2014

Freshwater Scarcity Solution: Towing freshwater ice to land the solution to freshwater crisis? We aren’t totally convinced.

February 2014

Water Filtration History: Water treatment dates as far back as 2000 B.C. That’s a long time!

March 2014

We Still Use Water Towers?: You bet and the reason behind  them makes perfect sense.

April 2014

Why is the pH Level Important?: In short, it helps us term determine if your water is hard, soft or acidic.

May 2014

Groundwater Pumping = Earthquakes?: Earthquakes may be a result of the vast amount of groundwater pumping for irrigation in California.

June 2014

Where Did My Water Go?: Do you know when the regeneration process occurs? Here is a hint: In the middle of the night!

July 2014

Introducing WaterMax!: Save money and have clean water with WaterMax!

August 2014

Bacteria in my Water?: It could be true!

September 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Brought two important issues to the table, ALS and water scarcity!

October 2014

Does Iron Out Salt Work?: It does come with a list of benefits, check them out!

November 2014

Water Softener Fact Sheet: This fact sheet could answer a LOT of your water questions!

December 2014

Drinking Sewer Water: It’s clean, we promise!

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